Pre baby photos

For us pregnancy has been such an amazing time. I know not everyone has such a nice time but we’ve really felt blessed by (almost) the entire experience. I think having everyone around us get so excited has just added to the joy.


With each centimetre my belly has grown we’ve just marvelled at the fact that my body can create and sustain a new life. From the tiny baby at our first scan, through to the bigger baby which now won’t fit on the screen at the obstetrician’s, Glenn and I have been amazed at every point. It just doesn’t get old.


One thing I really wanted to organise was newborn photos. I figured they are only tiny for so long and the pictures are just gorgeous. Our friends have a lovely friend who’s a photographer – Rhona Pinasco . We got in touch to organise the newborn pics (you only have about 12 days to get those cute and snuggly shots, so be sure to book before the birth) and she said she had a special that included maternity.

Baby bump

Now, I clearly spend too much time worrying what other people think because while I want to savour and remember bring pregnant I didn’t want people to think we loved ourselves by having a ‘belly shoot’. Plus, imagine if it was mega awkward. My sisters for one would never let me live it down!!

Needless to say, I got over it, got Glenn on board, practised my model face in the mirror, just kidding and had the shoot when I was 35 weeks! It was actually so much fun! I was pretty worried and basically didn’t tell anyone in case they were bad but here I am posting them on the blog…we were very happy in the end!


Thank you Rhona for making it so relaxing and allowing us to pause and enjoy being pregnant! Can’t wait for the newborn pictures xx


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