Baby Shower & Stocking up on Baby Goodies

Week 30 – 33

Baby Shower Invitations.

Beautiful Baby Shower invitations made by my sisters.

When we started talking about a baby shower a couple of months ago it seemed like a lifetime away. I hardly had a belly and had to Google when people normally have baby showers! Now, the shower was a few weeks ago, I’m almost 34 weeks and thinking – ok do I have the essentials for baby to survive?

The baby shower
I could not have asked for a more wonderful baby shower! A few weeks late but here’s the story…

Once I’d mentioned a baby shower my sisters said they’d take care of it. Emma took the lead and when I asked what I could contribute she said, “Well I’m either doing it or I’m not!” With that she pretty much took care of everything. She asked for a list of people and let me make the call that it was to be in the afternoon and did the rest. All three of my sisters have great taste so I wasn’t too worried.

My sisters and me at my baby shower.

My sisters and me at my baby shower.

The day was gorgeous. The girls had setup a long table out on the patio at my parents and decorated it with jars of flowers on top of a hessian table runner. Above the table were pom Pom strings that matched the invitation and big pom poms in gender neutral colours! The food table had two planks of wood on it so that the food at the back could be elevated and easier to reach – ingenious!


Beautiful flowers decorating the table.

I didn’t really want many games so my sisters put on the invitation that people had to dress in the colour they thought I was having. I think the vote went to boy. The only other game was a chilled out quiz where people had to guess what name we’d call the baby, which celeb mum I supposedly want to be like etc. It was good fun and didn’t detract from the relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon.

I know that baby showers always involve gifts but WOW I didn’t expect all the gifts. It was amazing! I think not knowing the gender of the baby meant that we didn’t get dozens of baby outfits – a good thing! I think I’ll do another post with some of the gorgeous things we got. My little sister made an amazing nappy tower filled with baby products. So thoughtful, I loved it!

Home made nappy tower.

Love the nappy tower my little sister gave me!

Baby’s size
Tomorrow I’m off for another size scan. I’m praying that my attempt at resting more and eating more has worked!

Six weeks to go…so excited!



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