Our vintage bassinet

Week 31



About a week ago I started to think. What things would we need if I were to have the baby this week? I didn’t really consider the fact that if our little one were born now they’d be in hospital for a good few weeks, I was just thinking what are the essentials?

The first thing I thought of was the bassinet. I’ve been so indecisive about a cot. I decided that we won’t really need it until the baby is 4 months old so I can postpone that decision.

My dear Grandma had mentioned a few times that she still had the bassinet my Dad, Uncle and Aunt slept in as well as me and my four sisters. I asked Mum if she could take some sneaky pictures of it before I agreed to take it – sounds mean but it could’ve been completely falling to pieces!

The bassinet, straight from Grandma’s garage

I have to say, based on the pictures I was still a little undecided. I know that women raise their babies in huts and beds that haven’t been certified by who-knows-who but when it’s your baby there’s always the thought of, am I giving it the best? Anyway, Dad made an executive decision and arrived at our house with the bassinet the next day. ‘It’ll be fine, you could just fumigate the mattress’. Ok the mattress was definitely going, despite the fact that my Great Grandmother had handsewn it very nicely 60 years ago.

Once we had the bassinet I was actually stoked with it. My very handy husband, cleaned it up beautifully and freshly spray-painted the wicker an off-white. It’s come up beautifully. I found a mattress that fits it snugly (obviously the original bassinet was made to fit a mattress measured in inches and now we use millimetres). Now all it needs is a nice bow around it!

Baby has a bed!


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