30 Weeks update – Flying along

WordPress has been reminding me quite often that I’m not reaching my posting goal. Where have the last four weeks gone? Pregnancy has almost crept by. With no major symptom rearing its head for the last couple of months I’ve really been able to enjoy my growing belly and the excitement of our baby.

Gestational diabetes check
In Australia most obstetricians will make sure women have a blood glucose test around week 26 of their pregnancy. It only takes an hour. You drink a very sugary drink and then they take a blood sample at the end to see how your body has processed the insulin. I assumed I’d be fine but as with all things to do with pregnancy, we do worry!

My test came back a little high, which meant I had to go for a three hour test! Pathology rooms are small and boring at the best of times but for three hours (where you can’t go for a walk or anything) it’s mind numbing. After starting to stress about having to give myself injections (we always leap to the worst possible situation) the test was clear! Phew. No need to watch my sugar intake.

Baby moon
We’d talked on and off about going away pre-baby but never quite decided what to do. This year Easter fell one weekend apart from ANZAC Day (which is the day, in Australia, we remember in all the men and women who’ve fought for our country) that meant I could take 3 days off work and end up with a ten day break. As the French like to say: J’ai fais le pont (built a bridge between the holidays).

We decided we’d like to go into the country so that we did! We chose a gorgeous little cottage on a farm near Orange and spent the days walking, eating and generally enjoying each other’s company. It was the best decision to get away together, the baby was starting to move a lot so Glenn could share the excitement of it moving! We skipped the wineries but had some amazing food to make up for it.


Baby’s size
So slightly to my delight the bump has so far stayed under control. I had visions of expanding to the size of a house when I was pregnant, you just never know! Thing is, now my ob is starting to worry that the size of my tummy might mean that baby isn’t big enough so he sent me for a scan.

Three reasons why your tummy might look small:
1. Baby is just small and will stay that way. As long as it continues to grow each week that’s ok
2. Baby is small but isn’t growing. This is a worry. They check the blood flow from the placenta and umbilical cord to make sure it’s not missing out on nutrients.
3. Baby is just fine, not small after all! It’s nice and squished inside so not poking out front.

It looks like our baby is pretty normal sized. It’s tummy measurement was a bit small though so we have to go back in four weeks to check it’s growing nicely. Lots of food for me in the coming weeks!



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