Buying for the nursery

Week 25

It feels like the weeks are starting to fly by. I’m still feeling really good, keeping up the Pilates (and kegel) exercises and going to bed a little earlier.

What’s new?
Someone stood up for me on the bus, it’s only happened once but I was happy someone noticed my little belly!

Glenn, my husband is stoked he can feel baby key moving all the time now. Last night it even kicked him in the back.

Nursery news

We’ve bee trying to get things gradually for our nursery. We painted really early on (I’ll post some pics later) but have only got a few bits and pieces of furniture.

The first thing I bought was a chair, maybe not everyone’s higher priority but it was for me! I got it on special from Plush Sofas – reduced from $700 to $250!

I’ve been looking for baby drawers I like for ages. None of them really appealed so I started looking for vintage and antique options. An antique store near us is closing at the end of the month so last Saturday I went for a browse. I was so happy when I found this chest. It’s Australian Cedar from the 1800’s. A steal at $195, it was $695. I’m going to get a change table for the top.



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