The Big Scan. My 20 week update.

20 Weeks


I’ve decided I’m not very good at life admin. You know all of those things like rolling your super into one account, making sure your married name is updated at every place you’ve ever given your name, booking the car in for a service…the list goes on. When it comes to baby things some of the same qualities (or lack of) seem to surface. For one I nearly missed my 12 week scan because I didn’t realise you actually HAD to be 12 weeks. Anyway with my 18-20 week scan I thought I’d done quite well, I’d actually remembered to call up and book while I was at work and coordinated it with my husband. Then on Friday they called to say their sonographer wouldn’t be in on Monday for my appointment. Great. Kindly instead of just cancelling me they moved me to another private practice, which was actually closer. Phew I would have my scan while I was still 20 weeks!

That was a long-winded intro to our scan! We were so excited this morning to see our baby. We arrived at the obstetrician’s suite. It was very plush – leather lounges that were actually leather (not pleather) a nice assortment of magazines that still had their covers intact and a colour scheme that would a lounge room setup in Coco Republic. I started to think, hmm when they swapped my appointment I definitely didn’t check the price. How bad could it be.


The receptionist asked if we wanted the DVD – $20. What’s on it, I asked. Umm the scan. It didn’t sound like a silly question to start with but when it came out it sure sounded that way. Glenn looked at me sideways. Our conversation in the car had been – we don’t have to get those 3D pictures, they’re kind of weird – but now we were there and of course we couldn’t resist the DVD. We took a seat and I read Harpers Bazaar.

The lady who did our scan was lovely. Happy to talk, she didn’t rush as some of the earlier sonographers had. She save me a towel to tuck into my jeans (note not paper towel) and checked whether we wanted to find out. Nope. So she told us we’d have to look away when she was doing the kidneys and bladder or we might accidentally see.

Seeing our baby on screen in 3D actually looking like a real little baby was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. We were completely enthralled for the entire hour as she checked of limbs, the chambers of the heart, fingers, toes, tummy size, the circumference of its brain and dozens of other bits and pieces I couldn’t name.

What a blessing to have a very active, rightly proportioned and healthy baby. I left feeling like I was he happiest person in the world. Final word from the sonographer was – if you really don’t want to know what you’re having, maybe don’t watch the DVD yet. Oh my, it’s a boy? That was my first thought…who knows. Neither of us have caved and looked yet!

Hello baby key, nice to meet you!

What they’re checking in the 20 week scan
If you would like to know what your Dr should be checking for at your 20 Week scan take a look at this article. One of my friends has a baby boy and he was just operated on for a hole in his heart at 9 months old. That’s one of the things they can check for in this scan.


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