Buying for Baby – gender neutral of course

Like weddings, pregnancy seems to be a time where retailers must see dollar signs. As much as I try not to get caught up in buying every little gadget and gorgeous item that I come across, it’s pretty hard not to! One slight challenge is we aren’t going to find out our baby’s gender. So it’ll be lots of whites, greys and creams until after bubs is born.

I work in the city in Sydney so every store you can imagine is pretty much at my fingertips. Yesterday being Monday morning I ran into one of the girls who already has two kids. We were chatting about shopping and then it turned to baby shopping. She was telling me about Seed which has beautiful women’s clothes and apparently baby clothes too! I went back to my desk and my long to do list but all I wanted to do was go to Seed! It was only about 9am. I told myself if I got my work done in he morning I could walk up there at lunchtime. I asked a friend from the office to go with me and took as many underground tunnels as we could to avoid the rain on the way there.

The store in Pitt St Mall is two storeys. The Kids clothes are downstairs in what at first looks like a lolly shop! Up close it’s actually headbands and hair bobbles but it looks awesome. We found the baby wear and I basically melted.

I decided on a gorgeous grey and white striped reversible blanket with plain grey and green dots on the over side. I love it. I could have bought about ten other items (some gender neutral some not so much) but refrained. I need to save my pennies for the millions of other baby buys ahead of me!



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