It’s about tummy time

Week 19 

The past week has been a blur. Work has been quite full on. I work in marketing for a big financial services organisation and there’s been a few times this week where I’ve had to give myself a little pep talk – you are not working to save anyone’s life Lisa. I work with some great people, who are quite happy to tell me that the baby is more important than whatever I’ve been looking concerned about.

On the baby front, I’m still waiting to feel some more kicks from Baby Key. I’ve felt it once or twice but it seems I really need to stop and concentrate to feel anything. My belly is starting to show – yay! I tried on a peplum top of mine today which really accentuated the mini belly.

Image Lilianfels KatoombaHigh Tea Lilianfels Katoomba

Yesterday we took my parents and Glenn’s Dad out for High Tea in the Blue Mountains. It was something we’d given them for Father’s Day last year. I’ve found the last few years in particular we’ve struggled to come up with ideas for our Dads, so we’ve started doing things with them or giving them vouchers to do things instead. Sometimes this means me mocking up a fake gift certificate if there isn’t one actually available, which has confused Mum a little.

The place we took them was called Lillianfels and it was just perfect. The property sits near the 3 Sisters at Katoomba. Its Victorian buildings are surrounded by vast views of the valley and manicured gardens. The rain was pouring down as it often does in the mountains but that made it all the more ambient. The waiter brought over three-tiers of plates filled with delicious sandwiches, scones and sweet treats. I saw my Dad stashing his next option near his plate to be safe.

I wore my ASOS maternity jeans (pictured above) which were very comfortable and I thought looked very nice!

I can’t believe we’re almost 20 weeks, half way. So excited!



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