Making the most of pre-baby life

In the past few days I’ve really been thinking about all the great things we (Glenn and I) are able to do at the moment. Some days I’m impatient to meet our baby but I’m also enjoying all the things that won’t be so easy to do once we have a baby.

Enjoying a cup of tea at Vaucluse House

Enjoying a cup of tea at Vaucluse House

Some of the things I’ve been grateful for this week:

  • Valentines Day dinner at home – It sounds so simple but we both really enjoyed some local Thai food and a quiet night in for the 14th Feb this year.
  • Dinner with friends – I value the moments we can spend with friends, enjoying a meal and catching up, without the interruption of a little bubs.
  • Lunch with family – we are very blessed to have lots of very excited family members around us. Baby Keys is the first Grandchild for all of our parents so it definitely the event of the year. It’s fun chatting with family about the events to come.
  • Book Club – okay I was thinking whether or not to mention the fact that I’m a nerd but there you go, I have. This morning we had book club brunch at my place. We’d all failed on the finish-the-book front but that didn’t mean we couldn’t enjoy a good yarn and delicious food! (Note: Bookclub used to be more of a wine and discuss type of club but I’m embracing the breakfast option.)
  • Days with friends – last Saturday, Grace and I spent the day visiting historic houses (there was a very cute, very old volunteer who showed us around) followed by a late and long lunch in the grounds of one of the most beautiful estates I’ve seen in Sydney (Vaucluse House). I doubt a little baby would have enjoyed that kind of adventure.

So I’ve decided when I’m getting impatient about seeing our baby, I’m going to remember all the great things I get to do in the meantime. Plus isn’t the wait half the excitement! xx


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