Back to Pilates for Bubs and Me

Week 17

Being pregnant is honestly one of the most exciting things that I have ever experienced. It’s like it being Christmas Eve every day, that time when excitement is at its height before the big event has actually happened! One part of pregnancy that doesn’t excite me is the weight gain. I think every pregnant woman wants to expand gracefully and only in the belly and boob regions!

Posing for pilates

Not exactly pilates, close enough.

In the first trimester I didn’t want to do much more than walking, you just want to play it safe. They recommend you stop any type of contact sports, so I dropped out of my netball team and also scratched my name off the work Fusal team list.

In 2010 I started doing Pilates. My boss at the time very generously gave me two classes a week as a wedding present! I loved it. It was all about strength, particularly core strength, as well as flexibility and balance. I’ve never done a form of exercise that I felt actually helped so much. Since then I have done classes pretty much right up until mid last year when I decided to give it a little rest.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant Pilates was the first thing I wanted to get back to. See not only is it great for core strength but also pelvic floor strength, something I’m now very keen to build up! Your pelvic floor muscles help you maintain bladder control as well as support a raft of internal organs (more information here).

I went back to my first pilates class on Thursday and my little bump seemed to quite enjoy the workout. I tried to take it quite easy and obviously told my instructor that I was pregnant and to let me know if there was anything I should avoid.

Things to avoid in exercise:

One thing I’ve read a few times is that you shold avoid laying on your back for a long period of time from the second trimester. This is because your major blood vessel distributing blood to the your heart sits in that area. An alternate option is to lay on your side. Here are some good guidelines to exercising while pregnant.

Let’s hope the exercise pays off and makes for a healthier pregnancy, baby and pelvic floor!


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