Baby Key goes international & the Pram Purchase

17 Weeks

Baby Kayes, or as my sisters call it; Baby Key, playing on the fact the my Grandma continually mispronounces my married name, has had its first overseas holiday! My sisters and I went on a trip to New Zealand to celebrate our youngest sister, Sarah, finishing high school. This was booked long before Baby Key existed and I must say in my early, first pregnancy panic I considered not going for a second. I must admit that with Auckland being only a three and a half hour flight from Sydney, it’s actually closer than if I were to fly to some places within Australia, so perhaps not the biggest deal.

Shot of the baby bump Feb 2014

Trying to get a shot of the baby bump

Anyway the trip was great and had a few firsts for baby, aside from travelling outside of Australia:

1. Standing Paddle Boarding – this was an awesome water activity to do while pregnant! If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically like a longboard (very boyant and wide) and all you do is stand in the middle and use a paddle to get around.

2. Pregnancy Massage – The only reason I was aware that a pregnancy massage was different to your average massage is that I’d seen them on treatment lists in spas! From what I could gather from the little wi-fi I could get on the island we were staying on, the main thing with a pregnancy massage is a) it shouldn’t be too hard (as in deep tissue) as this can lead to lots of toxins being released, b) you need to be careful what oils or creams the therapist uses and c) you will probably find that you will lay on your side so that pressure isn’t put on your belly!

Another first I attempted was a baby bump photo in my swimmers but that was a bit of a fail! Mum says to be patient, that eventually I’ll be wishing it would go away!

iCandy peach

Our new iCandy Peach

On other baby fronts, we’ve made our first big baby purchase…the pram! After lots of thought we decided to go with the iCandy Peach in blackjack, which I’m really excited about! A sale definitely helped us speed up our decision but effectively it was the first impression factor which got me (in particular) over the line with this one.

The iCandy looks great. It’s got a solid frame, is easy to fold and has the option to add an additional seat down the track. Out of all the prams we looked at, the famous Bugaboo included, I couldn’t go past the iCandy. Let’s hope it was a good decision!  xx


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