The Pram Search

15 weeks

One of the first things I started looking at after we found out we were pregnant was prams. I don’t exactly know why, it just seemed like an easy place to start. Wrong. After days searching for the best prams, well, mostly the ones I thought were the best-looking, I thought we were ready to take on our first actual baby store. It sounds lame but I was basically too nervous to talk to a shop assistant in case I looked stupid. The basic things I had already discovered:

Travel system prams

Travel system prams


  • Travel systems – these are the prams that have interchangeable parts which can cater for your baby from newborn up to toddler. For example, they often take a capsule which means that your baby can stay in the same seat going from the car to the pram. A friend recommended this option so that’s where I started my google searching.
  • Pram vs. stroller – prams are the larger ones that have options for interchangeable seats (such as capsule, bassinet & seat). They might come as a four wheel or a jogger (3 wheel option). Strollers are generally lighter and smaller. They fold up like umbrellas and that’s where the name comes from.
  • Bugaboo – this is a word that almost every new parent will come across. Apparently it’s the creme de la creme of pram brands. Even non-parents said to me ‘have you looked at the bugaboo?’

Beyond all that I had no idea what we’d spend on a pram, it would have to be something we (I) liked. I’d spent hours searching not only Australian sites but also overseas sites and brands. To start with my top options were:

  • iCandy (Strawberry & Peach) – I really loved how these British-made prams looked. To me they seems stylish, solid and from the reviews people who’ve owned them love them.
  • Stokke (xPlory) – this was one of the first prams I saw out and about that I thought looked really cool.
  • Mountain Buggy (Cosmopolitan) – I thought this pram was a great price for both the bassinet and set and looked really good

I’ll keep you posted on my pram hunt! Any ideas would be great?


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