12 Week Scan

13 Weeks

So it turns out that you should take your obstetrician appointments as penciled in only. Seems that a woman in labour is probably going to trump an initial ‘meet your obstetrician’ appointment. I’d organised to work from home so that I could to the 4pm appointment – I was actually quite excited, this made it all very real! Anyway I was moved to the next week.

Baby Keys at 13 Weeks

Baby Keys at 13 Weeks

I was looking forward to getting my 12 week scan, especially seeing as I was already 13 weeks. Mum suggested I call my GP and ask for a referral for the scan. So I did the ‘rock-up’. When the GP is booked out, you just go and say you’ll wait. Luckily it wasn’t too long. Glenn came with me and I asked her for the scan.

The Dr asked me: Where are you up to? Just over 13 weeks. What, you have to go at 12 weeks! We thought she was joking and laughed awkwardly. No seriously, apparently this is not something you can postpone. The 12 week scan is where they check the baby for Downs Syndrome. They measure the baby’s neck width and then combine that measurement with your blood results and your age to give you a number representing the chance that the baby will have the syndrome. She called the Ultrasound place while we were sitting there and made me promise I would go the next day before work. No excuses.

It was amazing to see little baby Kayes moving around. Its little heart beating, feet moving and a tummy the same size as its head. The sonographer said the neck measurement looked good and that we’d get the result in the next week.


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