Finding ‘the’ Obstetrician

12 Weeks 

Does everyone new mum-to-be go through what feels like the first big decision of choosing an obstetrician? It’s one of the things I’d never thought would be difficult. It turns out that the fact we’d found out when we were already nine weeks, right before Christmas made it a little tricky to get in.

Turns out obstetricians like to take Christmas off if possible. Most I tried calling were closed at least until the 6th of January. I asked all of our friends who’d had babies who they’d used and then ask my Mum, who’s a midwife to ask around and find out who had a good reputation and who didn’t.

Finally we chose one, two of Glenn’s friends had been through him, said he was really nice and he had an awesome website (not a just a dodgy listing that white pages had automatically indexed). So on the 6th of January I went back to work and I called and called and called. It rang out every time and once went to a voicemail telling me to go to the hospital if I was bleeding or in labour.

The next day Glenn and I both called. Still no response so I emailed. The first line was verging on terse, if they didn’t answer their phone what was the likelihood they would answer my email. I let them know when I was due and where we wanted to have the baby. No, already booked out was the answer. I slightly panicked. We were already 12 weeks and didn’t have an obstetrician. Was that normal?

Before I was pregnant I’d seen an Gynecologist who is also an Obstetrician. We’d thought about going to him but we just wanted to make sure we had the absolute best (the first I’m sure of many internal guilt trips into – are we giving our child the best). So I called him and despite the receptionist being rather rude and unhelpful with my 2 questions, she booked me in for the following week.


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