Time to tell

10 Weeks

The best part about finding out your pregnant when you’re already 9 weeks is that it’s almost time to tell. With Christmas only a few days away we wanted to tell my three sisters on Christmas Day. We decided that we would put our first scan, which we’d had the day after we’d found out, in a frame and wrap it up as a group present to my sisters. 

My parents had a brunch at their place and my sister, Emma, was organising all the food. When we arrived it was a hive of activity, we just wanted to give our one group present before all the relatives arrived. The girls just wouldn’t give me a minute ‘Why are you bring weird Lisa?’. On the verge of tears (I didn’t want to tell them over skewering soft cheese and prosciutto) and less than five minutes before the extended family were due they finally agreed to open one present. 
The second I gave it to them the doorbell rang. Gah I ran to block the hallway. It was my uncle wanting someone to move the car as he had Grandma. I said ‘yep sure’ and slammed the door in his face. By the time I made it back to the living room it was open. One sister burst into tears and the other two were completely aghast, they were so excited. 

I barely had time to say don’t tell anyone today before Grandma, who definitely couldn’t keep a secret, was ushered in. It’s the best news I’ve ever been able to share. 


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