A Christmas Gift. Finding out.

It was five days before Christmas when we found out we were pregnant. Back in October I’d done an early detection pregnancy test which was negative. So I just forgot about it. Almost 2 months later I had gone off coffee and was feeling really tired – I thought it was just finishing up work for the year that was making me feel like that! My husband Glenn, also loves telling everyone that he noticed my boobs had grown.

After a bunch of Christmas lunches I had one final lunch on the Friday, the last day of work. That morning I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe I was pregnant.

Glenn was in a big hurry to get to work. I was adamant, I need to do this test. So in between putting my makeup on I took the test and sat it on the bathroom floor. I walked away thinking it was probably negative. A few minutes later I came back and there were two lines. It had been so long since I’d done a test that I couldn’t remember if it was definitely a positive. It was! We were pregnant.

After the shaking and excitement had slightly subsided I thought, oh my gosh, all those lunches (and wines at lunch) I’ve been having throughout December. We ran out the door and on my train ride to work I just sat, staring out the window, thinking oh my, oh my.

I had a blood test that morning and snuck out of the lunch to call them for the results. The nice nurse started telling me about my BCHG levels and how they were great. I was completely confused, ‘Just confirming, am I actually pregnant then?’ Oh yes definitely she said, you’re a way along.

So there I was 9 and a half weeks pregnant! So exciting.


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